Friday, November 23, 2007

Letter of Support by LUMS Students to SHC, LHC and SC Judges

Dear Sir,

Our generation - born and bred in the politically disappointing decade of 1990s that ushered in another military rule in Pakistan - had always doubted the possibility of change. Our parents and peers told us that the only way to live in the country was to subject our ideals to the “system” and that the only code of conduct was that of bribery and bullying. They quoted history books and told us how pointless it was to struggle for justice and democracy in Pakistan. Newspapers and TV channels simply added facts that proved their arguments and our own little experiences with “practical life” verified them.

We didn’t see people around us as good and bad, or right and wrong, but simply as the smart and the stupid in terms of their dealings with political reality. We weren’t able to take any sides because we didn’t see any. All we saw was a jumble of interests, each and every one of which could be compromised at a certain price. The theories and principles we learned at school and college seemed utterly devoid of any relevance to our real lives.

But then we saw some people fighting, not for their personal material interests, but for ideas and institutions. Ideas and institutions that form the basis of justice and democracy. We saw them fighting with a passion and selflessness that simply astounded our conventional understanding. We also saw them being oppressed and tortured with such heartlessness that offended the very notion of being human. For the first time in our lives, we saw a conflict where compromise was not an option. For the first times in our lives, we were in doubt about which side to take.

Many judges of superior courts have been put under house arrest. Hundreds of lawyers have been arrested, put under house arrest or forced to go underground. Despite all this, thousands of them are resolved to take the fight to its rightful end, and are bravely facing the inhumane violence being meted out to them on the orders of a power-hungry military dictator. But let us assure you, the lawyers are not alone in this struggle.

We, the students of LUMS and those of many other universities, have joined lawyers in many protests for the independence of judiciary and have witnessed the despicable yoke of dictatorship with our own naked eyes. We have also witnessed the purity of intentions with which lawyers have struggled to throw off this yoke. This purity of intentions and resolve has shown us a much-awaited glimmer of hope. It has shown us the possibility of change.

For giving us this glimmer of hope, this tangible inspiration, this possibility of change, we thank you.

For your courage and resolve, for your steadfastness, for your selflessness, we salute you.

For carrying on the struggle and showing all of Pakistan what a principled stand really means, we congratulate you.

And rest assured, we wouldn’t let you down.


The Student Body of Lahore University of Management Sciences


Shahid Virk said...

Hats off to the LUMS students for standing shoulder to shoulder with the protesting lawyers, media, cilvil and humen right activists.
I hope this is the begining of a new democratic Pakistan. Pakistan where humen rights, freedom of press, Independent judiciary are working independently.

totalban said...

It is good to know that the lesson taught by such parents who believe in submiting oneself to the "system" has been undone. A well expressed article that throws a ray of optimism and vow to fight for a better future.

Ali said...

excellent article that gives our youth the hope and realize them their own power which they contain within themselves and don't realize...

The power of selfbelief
The power of unity.
The power of expression (which is possible only with independent media)

We will fight for it (InshaAllah)
God bless you all!!!!

dream pakistan said...

Hats of to you , This should be a letter of support from the People of Pakistan as it is the aspiration of ALL the people of Pakistan. I salute the lawyers for their steadfast course for " Pakistan " It seems every one else is beating their trumpet,
I aslo want to those who are listening know that if any thing was to happen to ALI KURD, Muneer MAlik, Aitzaaz Ahsan ( the true Heroes) than any one who is associated with Musharraf " dont consider yourself Safe.