Friday, November 23, 2007

Teachers charged with sedition

As a continuation of the attack on all civil institutions, the illegal and unconstitutional government of Gen. Musharraf has instituted sedition charges against the following 14 members of the academic staff of Punjab University:

1. Dr. Mumtaz Salik, President, Punjab University Academic Staff Association (PUASA)
2. Dr. Asmatullah, Secretary General, PUASA

3. Dr. Haris Rashid, Director, Centre for High Energy Physics
4. Samee Uzair, Law College
5. Amanullah, Law College
6. Mujahid Mansoori, ICS
7. Dr. Shafiq Jallandhari, ICS
8. Nayyar Raza Zaidi, Director, IBIT
9. Dr. Mujahid Kamran, Chairman, Department of Physics
10. Ziaullah Shah, IER
11. Rana Majid IER
12. Prof. Bashir Ahmad, Pharmacy College
13. Prof. Chaudhry Muhammad Nazir, Department of Geology
14. Prof. Abdul Ghaffar, Department of Geography

The FIR against the above 14 teachers of Punjab University under sections 124-A, 188, 143/149 and 16-MPO was registered at the Muslim Town police. They have been charged with sedition and provoking the masses against the government for its action of imposing emergency and promulgating the PCO. This FIR was registered after the above teachers had taken part in demonstrations against the promulgation of emergency and for the restoration of the constitution and the judiciary. These were peaceful protests held inside the campus.

The academic staff of Punjab University are continuing their protest against the government and the Chancellor of the university and are demanding the withdrawal of the FIR.

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Anonymous said...

Musharraf should just appoint majors and colonels as teaches in all colleges.

shahid khattak said...

V are proud of U even if they have charged u with seditions.