Friday, November 23, 2007

Judges need immediate show of support


There is increased severe pressure on the non-PCO judges of Sind High Court to sign on PCO or break away from their brother judges who didnot take oath under the PCO.
The initial spate of visits to judges has worn off and there haven't been any visits lately. And believe me, most of them are not aware of the protests that are taking place all over for the judiciary.
It would be a tragedy if they were to take oath because of lack ofinformation coupled with pressure from the govt.
We urgently need to reaffirm our support for them. We need to tell them that their clear stand is what galvanised the entire nation to stand up and raise its voice with them.
The following is a list of judges of the Sindh High Court who refused to take oath under the PCO. Let us all, in whatever way we can, reach out to them. They are indeed the heroes of the hour.


Anonymous said...

We stand in solidarity, with all the honorable judges who refused to take oath, who showed us a glimpse of light, a ray of hope, a chance to be truly independent. I salute you.

totalban said...

The respected judges and their future generations have earned an immortal respect for not following the pattern of those PCO judges who, in a literal sense, bowed their heads to the dictator General Musharraf. People who honour principles rather than submiting to lust,the PCO JUDGES have gained nothing and lost everything.

Ali said...

But how would we reach them. I want to show my solidarity either through telephone call or by post so they, themselves, can see that the whole nation is behind them.

Telephone numbers that you have listed in this post are not responding and I am not sure they will be able to get the post either.

you can notify me on

I am not sure if this is the right place but....

if you need any of my services I will try my best not to let you down. I am software developer currently working for a small company in London, UK.

God bless you brother!!!

N. H. said...

History will not forgive those who did not stand up for the right cause. Those who have taken the oath under the new PCO, will see their names among the likes of Mir Ja'far. (In times of Sultan Tipu)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ali's comments above. Woudl like to do something for these judges and their familes. Esp. for Mr. Muneer A. Malik. Either post something on your website or else let us know if we can email you to ask for the info.

Batool said...

I am myself a daughter of the judge who refused to take the PCO oath. I am really happy and astonished to see the nation standing up for my father and all the other judges who didn't take the PCO oath.
I read the comments above and I am ready to help you in supporting the Judges. Following are the contacts of the Judges,which will help you people in supporting them.

Batool said...

Mr. Justice Sabihuddin Ahmed,
Ph# 5847582, 5854358
Mr. Justice Salman Ansari,
Ph# 5823990
Mr. Justice Sarmad Jalal Osmany,
Ph# 5846615, 5340332
Mr. Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali,
Ph# 5340147, 5340156
Mr. Justice Mushir Alam,
Ph# 2229476, 2258983
Mr. Justice Rahmat Hussain Jafferi,
Ph# 5833091
Mr. Justice Khilji Arif Hussain,
Ph# 5382713, 5882183
Mr. Justice Amir Hani Muslim,
Ph# 5656857, 5656858
Mr. Justice Gulzar Ahmed,
Ph# 5802100, 5384325
Mr. Justice Maqbool Baqar,
Ph# 4312391
Mr. Justice Muhammad Athar Saeed,
Ph# 6644164, 6646280
Mr. Justice Faisal Arab,
Ph# 5802175, 5802176
Mr. Justice Sajjad Ali Shah,
Ph# 5894872, 5386067
Mr. Justice Zafar Sherwani,
Ph# 6351848