Friday, November 23, 2007

QAU observes black day

Qaudi Azam University students continue to protest against the emergency. Today they observe Yaum- e- Siyah (Black Day) and marked the event by making a human hand in hand chain. The protest by students and faculty has been the largest since emergency was imposed. About 1500 students and faculty members chanted anti- emergency slogans and demanded restoration of the constitution and democracy.

The News further reports:

“Azadi,” freedom of expression, “Go Musharraf go” and “Restore judiciary” were the slogans adorning trees, walls, pillars and poles at Quaid-i-Azam University. The students, teachers and employees are about to complete third week of their protest campaign against sacking of judges, proclamation of emergency and suspension of the 1973 Constitution.

Everyday, the campus community with students in overwhelming majority assemble at Social Sciences parking lot and making round of different departments terminate their march at buses terminal, the chowk renamed by the students as Justice Chaudhry Iftikhar Square some days ago.

Tuesday was another day of protest, which continued unabated since Nov 3 interrupted only by public holidays and Fridays. They were chanting slogans of “Restore electronic media,” “Muk gia tera show Musharraf, go Musharraf, go Musharraf” and “Restore the deposed judges.” They carried black flags also inscribed with similar slogans.

Addressing the gathering, Alia Amirali, a student of anthropology, said that according to Gen Musharraf, terrorism was the reason behind emergency. Are jails of Pakistan stuffed by lawyers, journalists, students, labourers, human rights activists and political workers or by terrorists? she posed a question. She lamented that one person has made the whole country hostage only for remaining in power.

The protesting students announced to observe Thursday as Black Day and appealed to the students, teachers and employees to come in black dress. A human chain will be made from Bab-ul-Quaid to Justice Chaudhry Iftikhar Square near cafeteria on that day. It was also announced that the students will stage a protest rally at 2:30p.m as per routine.

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