Friday, November 23, 2007

Political debate banned in colleges

(Courtesy DAWN)
ISLAMABAD, Nov 21: The federal government on Tuesday imposed a ban on open debate on media curbs, suspension of judges and emergency in all colleges and universities in the country.Well-placed sources said students of various universities and colleges in Islamabad, had been strongly protesting against emergency rule, curbs on the media and suspension of judges, for the last few days to express solidaritywith the electronic media. Taking notice of the situation, the federal government has banned debate in all colleges and universities and warned of strict action against violators. Students, civil society activists and others have been continuouslyprotesting against the imposition of emergency for the last 12 days.

(Yet another milestone of the Police State..One wonders if a seperate directive will be issued for households soon)


nazia said...

There is no surprise on such acts.Our military rulers are unique in sense as they couldntr stop a little FM radio from Swat but succesfull in shutting down the most powerful channels from Dubai.Now mussarf's backward regime is so much naked in front of international world that we are ashmed that we are entering in modern era with same brutal dictators, corrupt politicians, stone age feudal lords and slavery attitude of public.I think if mussaraf at least only confess
that he is a backward military dictator in shiny packing made in US then it would be his last good act to his nation. At least we should raised our head a little that our rulers can speak truth.

Shahid Virk said...

Hats off to the LUMS students for standing shoulder to shoulder with the protesting lawyers, media, cilvil and humen right activists.
I hope this is the begining of a new democratic Pakistan.
A Pakistan where basic humen rights are not violated, freedom of press is top priority and Independent judiciary is strong enough to challange the government's brutal decesions.