Thursday, December 6, 2007

Peoples Resistance calls for meeting at Karachi Press Club

This is an open call issued by members of the People's Resistance group to all activists in Karachi to attend a meeting at the Karachi Press Club

Venue: Karachi Press Club
Date: 6th Dec 2007
Time: 5:00pm


A number of civil society groups, laborer's, student bodies and political parties are invited to join hands to plan and issue a call for a city wide protest in the near future (13th or 14th Dec) [decision pending]. It must be remembered that People's Resistance would also like to also issue a unified stand on the present political situation during the meeting, and we anticipate a total consensus amongst the participating organizations, founding the basis of our future protests and coalition, which are as follows

1) We consider the PCO to be unconstitutional and all actions taken under this, as illegal.
2) We demand the immediate repeal of the PCO, Army Act 2007, PEMRA Ordinances 2007, and demand the restoration of the judiciary and complete freedom of the media.
3) We reject army rule - overt and covert
4) We reject the holding of elections under the Musharraf regime
5) We reject Pervez Musharraf as an illegal and illegitimate entity.

Please remember this is just a meeting, with no intention of agitation or protests, and would strongly urge all activists in Karachi to show up in numbers and be a part of this important process. Request to please help propagate this message to a wider audience. In Complete Unity for Pakistan

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