Thursday, December 6, 2007

PML Q's banner's adorned with Graffiti =)

Dear all,

This morning while going to the office I came upon a very pleasant sight, which I want to share with all of you. A day earlier, PML (Q) had hung its banners (depicting PML (Q) election symbol bicycle in white on a sparkling green background) with lamp posts along different roads of Lahore. This morning, most of them had black stickers carrying the slogan General nahi Judge, Emergency nahi Insaf pasted on them. Some of them had Vote Zulm or Lotay in black spray paint. I was filled with admiration for the courage of those (most probably students or lawyers) who carried out the audacious task and sent a strong message to both the PML (Q) and the public.

As is evident from the statement of political leaders, there is only a meek chance of the opposition going for boycott of elections or standing for the cause of the judiciary. Benazir and Nawaz Sharif have agreed to leave the matter of the restoration of judges to the next parliament. By all indications, in the long run, there is bound to be a divergence between the political parties and the civil society, which is struggling for the restoration of the judiciary and democracy with a clear vision. In that event, this would be a good idea to give other political parties too a message that the public boycott them for their opportunism and expediency – graffiti on their banners and hoardings.

(The Emergency Times- Eds This is coincidentally humorous since we all know that some students and faculty have already been charged for wall chalking. In the present circumstances, with our legal right to free expression robbed from us, wall chalking and banner graffiti amid other innovations cheerfully becomes an avenue for artistic and political expression. Paint away folks, our thoughts and ideas cannot be caged)

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