Thursday, December 6, 2007

Update- Lums Student Action Committee Activities

Lahore 06.12.2007 -

The Lahore University of Management Sciences continued to build up the momentum for the protest called by the HRCP to be held on International Human Rights Day, 10th December (Monday) by holding an on campus protest today (Thursday). About 150 students gathered in the sports complex between 1 and 2 pm to voice their concern about the injustices being perpetuated by the regime all over the country. The speakers at the protest asked the students present to believe in themselves and their power to make a difference. The students were encouraged to participate in the protest activities on and off campus to the greatest extent possible. Details were also given to the students of the activities of the Student Action Committee Lahore, specifically the protest on the 10th of December.
Yesterday (Wednesday), a talk was held where a member of the faculty spoke to the students. Speaking to an audience of about a 100 students, the faculty member emphasised the need to continue the struggle regardless of Pervez Musharraf having doffed his uniform and having declared a date for the lifting of the emergency. The talk was followed by the screening of the documentary 'Missing in Pakistan'. The documentary moved some of the viewers to tears as it chronicled the tale of the missing persons uptil the point of the removal of Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhary.
Meanwhile, LUMS has issued a press release condemning the FIR against its faculty and students as absurd and absolutely baseless. One of the instructors against whom the FIR has been registered has been in the US for the past many months. This speaks of the absolute untruth of the charges leveled against the six people. The administration pledges to maintain freedom of expression and all other inalienable rights on campus and demands that the charges against member of the LUMS community be withdrawn immediately. Despite a message from the police warning students not to protest, a rally is planned for tomorrow (Friday) at 2:30 pm, on campus.

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i'm sure a lot of ppl would like to watch the missing persons video. plz upload it for all to see or share any link if available.