Thursday, December 6, 2007

Writ of Habeas Corpus and the lifting of Emergency

Dear All.

Journalists from international newspapers have either ignored or have no idea that even if Musharraf lifts Emergency we will still have no "writ of habeas corpus" because of the new Army Act. They can pick anyone and hold for ever, without producing before a civilian Judge. And to criticise this is a crime also. (The reason all Newspapers are mum). Musharraf did not want to submit to law as you see in the decisions below. So he has made himself a King. I was able to explain this to journalist (Dutch magazine, Vrij Nederland) and in a long article she did put:
" Ironically, Imran Khan last week became one of the very few Pakistanis to be charged with terrorism in "the war on terror."
His crime was to lead a student rally at Punjab University. The sentence could be death. He is in prison and his family says he has been on a hunger strike since Sunday."So, please, explain the tricks. Because, somehow the Western Journalists do not see the Musharraf doings as criminal acts. A man submits to a court and if the decision is adverse then he terrorises the whole country.
Keep on explaining to them. Without a "writ of habeas corpus" we are finished.

Javaid Aziz

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