Thursday, December 6, 2007

Students of Mauritius Africa express solidarity

Message of Solidarity

We- the students of Mauritius- express our heartfelt support for thestruggle of the Lawyers, Students, Journalists and Civil Society inPakistan fighting for the immediate restoration of full democracy,resumption of the rule of law, and the reinstatement of judgesforcefully dismissed from office by a military dictator.

We applaud the heroic efforts of the Pakistani people strugglingtooth and nail against today's Mobutu, against indiscriminate andbrutal military rule, against the efforts of one man to subvert and makedemocracy a dead idea in Pakistan.

We reiterate the call of the Pakistani people:

Restore Democracy NOW!
Restore Freedom of the Press NOW!
Restore the judiciary and stop all attacks upon this honorableinstitution NOW!
Release all political prisoners and end political persecution NOW!
Take back the ban on student unions NOW!
Restore the Constitution NOW

This message of solidarity received over 5,800 signatures fromstudents, mainly from:

1). The University of Mauritius- Reduit
2). The University of Technology- Pointe Aux Sables
Amongst the groups that approved this message in session:
1). Hands off Zimbabwe committee
2). United Africa
3). Africa Initiative- Nkrumahist
Copies of the message were sent to:
1). the office of the Prime Minister, Republic of Mauritius, PortLouis.
2). The High commission of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan- Floreal
In addition, this message was printed in poster form and pastedoutside the walls of the high commission.

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