Thursday, December 6, 2007

Press Release- Lums Student Movement

Lahore 05.12.2007 -

Despite intimidation by the police, LUMS students continued their protest today (Wednesday). A sit-in was held at 1 pm outside the PDC. Students and faculty members made speeches, condemning the FIRs registered against members of the LUMS community and asking the protestors to continue their fight for justice. The eviction of Justice Shahid Siddiqui from his residence and the disgraceful treatment meted out to US peace activists Medea Benjamin and Tighe Barry were also strongly condemned. Students from LUMS were present at Justice Siddiqui's residence at 2 am this morning and during the day today (Wednesday), forming part of a human shield to prevent the police from entering the premises.

Student Representatives from the LUMS Action committee along with prominent human rights activists, PMDC members, Lawyers, students and civil society members, attended a debate organized by The Campaign for Democracy and Rule of Law, at the Lahore Press Club today. The debate was held between the aforementioned groups and party members from most of the political parties to discuss party stances regarding the upcoming elections. Other than the ANP and PPP, party representatives confirmed that they would be boycotting the elections under the present circumstances.

A talk is planned for 9 pm today on campus, followed by a screening of the documentary 'Missing People'. The LUMS Student Action Committee has also organised a protest to be held on campus tomorrow.

-- RegardsPublic Relations ManagerLUMS Student Movement

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