Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Activities in Texas

Here is what faculty members and graduate students at University of Texas are doing:

1) A meeting was held by concerned students and faculty members yesterday on campus to chalk out a strategy for highlighting the struggle in Pakistan and to express the condemnation by UT academic community of the illegal steps being taken by Gen Musharraf in Pakistan and raise awareness about it here in Austin and in the US.

2) A protest march and community teach-in is planned for Friday on UT Campus. Pakistani students/faculty members will be speaking about the current crisis there.

3) A letter writing campaign is underway: we are trying to secure maximum number of signatures from faculty members to convey the unanimous opposition of UT academic community to the imposition of martial law in pakistan.

While it may not mean much, we hope to contribute in a small way to the struggle being waged in Pakistan. The news from LUMS is most heartening and we salute them on their struggle.

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Genevieve said...

hey! i'm from st. ed's university, and we're trying to get a protest march together, too. Can we join up with you? Please email me: