Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Protest in London

From Miguel Loureiro

Its 1 a.m. in Brighton. Just arrived from London. The demonstration in front of the high commission had about 200 people, with more than 10% LUMS alumni from all the main universities in the UK.
All the main media was there. Gave them the news about what was happening in the universities and other places in Pakistan. I've told them to go inside the universities to hear the voices.
Someone from CNN (he asked me not to be mentioned) asked me to tell you to (in his words) "Flood our website with pictures, videos and reports of what is happening there". Send them to I-Report at:

He said that CNN loves this "people reporting" and also that it's been very difficult to get their reports out of Pakistan (BBC and NDTV shared the same view).
Send your videos and pictures and reports to them.
On another front we (in the UK) decided to ask all Pakistani political parties why they weren’t coming out onto the street - we are going to tell them we aren't going to the streets unless they set the example.

Next demonstration Wednesday in Birmingham, and we're planning to hold demonstrations in front of No. 10 every Saturday. Apparently the demonstration in New York was also quite good. Keep the fight there, but don't go out and get arrested.

A brilliant idea from one of our students:

"It would be good if all the websites at LUMS, in Lahore, in Pakistan and any where else post a message on there home pages condemning the shameless move of General Musharraf."

IDS at Sussex have already done so. This is their front page:

Pass on this idea to all academic institutions that we have contacts with, nationally and internationally.

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