Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Events at Punjab University- IT dept

Today the faculty of PUCIT (Punjab University College of Information Technology) discussed the issue of emergency imposed as well as the unlawful arrest of our fellow colleagues and students. It was decided in the meeting that this is high time as the situation demands that academic institutes (teachers + students) should play their role to bring the country out of the current crisis. A point was raised that faculty should wear black ribbons on arms as an indication of protest. More so students of the university gathered and raised slogans against the current administrative polices within the campus. It the need of the hour that the academic institutes should move in full coordination so that their sound should be heard not only within the country but across the border as well. Friday the 9th November demands a very well coordinated move by the entire nation under the guideline of Allama Muhammad Iqbal's vision who said "God has never changed the plight of a Nation who has not tried to change it". It is time that we should stop sitting in our cozy rooms and wait for a heavenly miracle to occur. We should move towards the right path so that the duty of guidance be fulfilled as members of faculty it is our moral and legal duty towards our nation.

May God help us all


ej said...

Please keep the spirits high. Knowing what Punjab University and LUMS Students have done so far is very inspiring and thrilling for everyone else.
P.S. please remove the restriction of Google only accounts to post comments.

Anonymous said...

This is really encouraging and pleasant to hear.I think Students form All Universities in Karachi should also follow these great examples.I dun seem to understand why Students here are sooo quiet?? Or Are they doing something?Well didn't hear anything like this though.
I urge Karachi Students too,to do the same as any protest in Karachi will be projected more i guess...As it always happen,even news of a minor incident is propagated like fire all over the international media.
SO GO FOR IT>>> I guess its Now or Never!

mohsenali said...

Being old student of both LUMS and PUCIT, I am really feeling proud.
But please do the peaceful activity.
PUCIT Students; Dont give any one excuse to remove teachers and students. The warrior that survives a day returns to fight other day; but remember the basic task of warrior is to fight for right.

Right now Govt. may want more people inside jails rather than out of jail. So Keep protesting and keep yourself out of jail.
I know its more difficult for PUCIT students, where administration might try to through them out.
Please USE THE CAMERAS, record your protest and post them. Take pictures and use the blogs

Hafsa Rehman said...

I just want to say...

Afraad kay haathon mey hai aqwaam ki taqdeer
Har fard hai millat key muqaddar ka sitarah

Anonymous said...

I live in London and have Pakistani background. I was deeply saddened to see what the evil Jammat youths did to the great player and a human, Imran Khan. I met him years ago and although I dont believe he will ever be a Pakistani leader, I think the nation only has a chance in lifetime to have a leader like him. Sadly like our leaders at helms, the mass students are sleep walking into abiss. The Pakistani nation deserves it becuase they care only for themselves. If you compare Imran with other so called great players, Kapil Dev, a less eduacted Indian, is personified as a hindu God in India. Ian Bhotham, a self proclaimed drunken, has been awarded the ultimate glory of being knighted and hence called a Sir by our real god, the UK government.

Oh sad nation and students of PU! why did you allow that to happen to the only glimmer of hope you had in your life time. What hope for youths of a sad corrupt Islamic party who acted like their idot leaders.

Now it is the duty of every University of Pubjab student to beat the hell out of everyone who ever laid their dirty hand on Imran. He is honestly a great person. Dont let him fade away. Go get the people who did taht to him & their families!!!! Hell should break lose and pictures of those who did this should be widely circulated on blogs and sites so everyone know who these evils are among them.

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