Wednesday, November 7, 2007

PPP hits the streets!

As this email is being written, several thousand PPP workers are protesting outside the parliament house. As expected, they are being batton charged, tear gased and arrested. However, their spirits are still soaring high. PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto has demanded that Musharraf should step down as Chief of Army Staff and Martial Law be lifted immediately. She has said that PPP would commence a long March from Lahore, if, by the 13th of November all lawyers, political activists and civil society activists arrested without cause are not immediately released.

Everyone fighting against this draconian act of Musharraf is united for the same cause. Hence, we should take strength from our comrades fighting this tyranny in all parts of the country and abroad. The most crucial point right now is the sharing of information, so if anyone of you has any contacts with any PPP member, he/she should immediately inform them that they are not alone. The student body is standing beside them every step along the road to freedom and democracy.


for further details, log onto: for live coverage of GEO


Shaza said...

dont know how genuine BB is with removing Musharraf cuz obviously she has a power sharing deal with him.

Sehr said...

What is really worth fearing post-martial law is Pakistan sinking into the old Benazir-Nawaz Sharif vicious vicious vicious cycle.

Emergency will end inshAllah, with protests and pressure. The old PPP-PML system of these old habitual crooks is like being thrown into the dark ages.

We need new people, our generation.