Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pictures of the largest ever Lums rally- Wedenesday 7th Nov


Addu said...

MAy Allah keeps all of you safe. becareful!

Maria said...

SOOO proud of you guys!! Wish we could be there too.

ej said...

Our heartiest wishes and support for you (at least in spirit since we're not in lahore).

Bilal said...

I am very, very proud of LUMS Students. They have risen to the task and got themselves counted.

Remember not to burn yourself out. The point is to sustain. Don't get arrested prematurely. Your job is to make life difficult for everyone trying to make it difficult for YOU

Respect and admiration.


Sohaib said...

As those before me have pointed out, you guys are doing a wonderful job! Continue fighting the good fight and do not lose spirits. We are all with you!

Saman said...

I speak for all of us luminites who are studying in the US and cannot be there when I say that we are very proud of the students of LUMS as well as of Pakistan

Anonymous said...

AOA: May ALLLAH bless you with VICTORY against the DICTATORHIP............

GO MUSHARAF GO............

rizwan said...

I am immensely pleased at the activism shown by the students of one of the Top Academic Institutes in the country. I hope others can follow. These are indeed testing times and require each one of us to protest and stand up to this repression in every possible manner. Our choice of action / inaction will determine whether we will be Malaysias, Koreas or Singapores of the future or will we be Ruandas, Ethiopias or Iraqs of the future, waiting to be divided and thrown into the dustbin of history as a failed state, thanks to the ambitious generals being accomodated corrupt politicians and corrupt judges, setting shameful examples for our children and future generations to follow. We do need more role models like CJ Iftikhar Ch., Imran Khan, Aitzaz Ahsan, Asma Jahangir and other honourable judges of the Courts who refused to oblige the General. Keep it Up fellows. You are a pride of the students of Pakistan.

mission said...

Muhammad Zaka
Well done; its time to rise up against the usurper general mush who is secuirty rosk to the country. We must unite and strive for:
i. Calling for arresting gen mush and putting under article 6
ii. reinstatement of judges
iii. freedom of media
iv. revival of constitution
v. free and fair elections

We stand by the lawyers who are fighting the cause of Pakistan's survival....keep it up LUMS

Irfan Ahmed said...

I am really glad knowing the signs of uprising amongst the youth, perhaps the most dynamic representative of the civil society, against the despotic highhandedness shown by a dictator in overthrowing the constitution and judiciary.

I wish it may turnout to be the beginning of the end of the prolonged reign of injustice faced by the unfortunate and helpless masses of this country for decades.

God bless the people who have shown spirit against aggression!
Lets joing hands!

Judit said...

Lawyers, Judiciary, Media, Opposition leaders are either in the Jails, House arrest or Exile.

We are the Youth, and we can make a difference. If we keep sleeping like every one else and keep a “Don’t care Motto” our fate and fate of our children will always be in hands of Military.

I pay respects to everyone involved, whether he is from LUMS, FAST or any other Institute of Pakistan.

It is time to take Hardships for a better Democratic Pakistan.

Salute to all of you.


Syed Mohammad said...

How I wish I could be amongst you and voice my anger too!!


BSc 2005

zainub said...

Karachi extends their best
wishes to you guys, I hope
your efforts serve
as an inspiration
for the rest of the
country's students. They
have been rather oddly

Asif said...

Lums Students,

Salute to you guys!!!

Keep up the momentum. Trust me, you are doing a job that is making all of us proud.


Anonymous said...

This is my contribution to show the world how much we despise this world's most organised & disciplined gang aka Pakistan Army.