Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It has begun..

The protest yesterday at LUMS will go down as the dawn of a new era in this country’s history. It will, God Willing, mark the end of the debilitating cynicism and social apathy that has afflicted the people of this country and led to the crossroads we find ourselves at today. Even in the darkness that engulfs us, our voices are being heard, people are joining the movement. Even as we speak, civil society is organizing. Students from Punjab University, LSE, BNU, Quaid-e-Azam University, UET, GIKI, Bahria and others are all standing up in protest. The students have awoken. The rest of civil society is on its way, even as the political parties awake.
The protest in LUMS on Wednesday promises to be even bigger than the last one, with our demands clearly outlined; lifting of the martial law, reinstatement of the judiciary, an end to the curbs on the media and the release of the thousands of lawyers, activists, teachers, students and leaders illegally detained by law enforcement agencies.
The response from the state so far has been unimaginably brutal; 3000-3500 lawyers have been arrested thus far, more than a quarter of the entire legal community in Pakistan, along with hundreds of other members of civil society. CNN reports that police personnel have been awarded cash bonuses for beating up and arresting lawyers. Attempts have also been made to intimidate us, the student community, into subservience. But we will take this to its inevitable Conclusion.
In Complete Unity.


al-republican said...

Hi Guys,

This is a great idea and blogging is the best way to get your ideas across to the outside world in light of the media sanctions.

I am writing on my personal blog against this emergency and have been making entries for quite a while on the situation in Pakistan.

You can view it here.

Viva la resistance!

Mir said...

Lets keep marching and collecting everyone stronger or weaker on our way.

A Pakistani and a Lumnite , i am writing on my blog as well as sending you my writing so you can put up whenever , wherever possible.

All hail to the souls of rising tides.

Khurram Mir
MBA 07

tahir said...

As a recently graduated luminite I can hardly put into words how very proud I am of the students of LUMS. During my four years there, although there was the odd protest and petition here and there, there was never any concerted effort by the entire lums community as it seems to be happening now. If I was in the country I would have been involved in these protests myself. Last night I saw coverage of the LUMS protest on CNN, as well as a batch-mate, zahra sabri calling in to cnn. It made me genuinely proud of my alma mater. Keep up the good work people.

Viva La Revolution!!

Tahir Noor Muhammad
BSc 2007

wweyt said...

Why are students of fast not mentioned for their valian efforts in this nation wide struggle.

Irfan Ahmad said...

FAST is there too. Just heard that police is outside the FAST, all gates are locked and no one is allowed to enter or leave the campus.

soban said...

Hi Guys,

I know there are couple of creative minds out there in lums. Why dont you people coordinate and create some kind of song against this emergency and spread it on internet. Let people play it in Lahore everywhere and carry on with these protests too.

Salman said...

Students hav always been the real strenght for revolutions. it is about time that this burger generation realizes that before its too late.

Sohail said...

I suggest
1. Wearing Black Arm bands
2. Protest every day at a specific time say 2:00 pm (lunch break).
This way people will start coming to protests and protests will gather momentum.

Hasanat Kazmi said...

I have been writing a blog showing day-to-day buildup of student force in LUMS and other institues against martial law.

Anonymous said...

Your blog was mentioned on BBCUrdu. Just thoough you might be interested in knowing

bilal afghani said...

GEO and ARY digital , both channels have been shut down also at the dubai station. This happened due to the pressure by the goverment of Pakistan on the UAE dubai goverment. So, the audiences in the world are not able to watch these channels too.

The Pakistanis in Pakistan and the abroad are both ignorant about the real sitiation in Pkaistan.

As far as the other western channels like BBc or CNN are concerned. These channels have been opened in Pkaistan, but in the passed emergency days, these international western channels were also showing the videos and clips recorded by GEO and ARY.

so, mushaffism is now shining infront of all the Pakistanis any where in this world.

welcome to new situation.......

Saqib from Quetta said...

How would you compare European Enlightenment with Musharraf’s Enlightement?

Musharraf has been claiming, specially in western media, that he is a force for “Moderate Enlightement” in Pakistan. He will move Pakistan from extremisms to moderation. Let us, for a moment, look into the Enlightement period; 18 century Europe and compare it with the Musharraf’s Enlightement period.

The Enlightement period of 18 century europe was the era that is marked politically by governmental consolidation, nation creation, greater rights for the common people, and a diminution of the influence of authoritarian institutions such as the nobility and Church.

The Enlightenment is held to be the source of critical ideas, such as the centrality of freedom, democracy and reason as primary values of society. This view argues that the establishment of a contractual basis of rights would lead to the organization of states into self-governing republics through democratic means. In this view, the tendency of the philosophes in particular to apply rationality to every problem is considered the essential change. From this point on, thinkers and writers were held to be free to pursue the truth in whatever form, without the threat of sanction for violating established ideas.

Now how would you compare European Enlightenment with Musharraf’s Enlightement? I left Pakistan in 1994 for USA after completing my high school from Quetta. Please tell us how would you describe Musharraf version of Enlightement. There are a lot of good in USA that Musharraf could learn from. Instead, he pick up something bad every time he visit USA. He has learned to give twisted meaning to common words. Musharraf redefined Enlightement like Bush redefined democracy for Iraq, and like Clinton redefined sexual activity. Shame, shame, shame on all of them.