Wednesday, November 7, 2007


The Emergency Times team would like to say bravo to the overwhleming response to LUMS protests and meetings being held regardign the current political crisis. While we appreciate people concern and diverse contributions to the movement through videos, pictures and articles,complemented by active interest by media outlet to cover our story, there are a few things people needs to keep in mind.

There needs to be an organised and centralized method of communicating information within and outside LUMS. Amidst the chaotic sequence of events that have been in motion over the last couple of days, we at LUMS are still in process of putting a media team together. Whilst we are at that, we would like to request everyone to send whatever pictures and videos they have taken of events and meetings at LUMS, to the We are still in the process of putting up a user friendly website that will allow everyone to upload videos and photos. Whilst we are at it, please do not send any photos or videos to media outlets directly, but instead forward them to the email address mentioned above. Any photos and videos communicated to local or foreign media, needs to be regulated and edited for safety reasons.

We need to exercise caution at every step of this movement. Some of the videos and photos make faces of some of LUMS students and faculty clearly identifiable. Soem fo you have uploaded pictures and videos on facebook and even tagged. Please take them off immediately, or otherwise edit and blur the pictures without makign them identifiable. Due to the sensitivity of the nature of events we want to exercise extra caution. This reminder of caution has also being reitrated by some members of the LUMS faculty so its not a personal demand only.

Once your pictures and videos are received on the we will, with your permission ofcourse, forward them to interested media outlets. If any media outlets contact you for interviews, photos or videos, please ask them to contact us. If you are interested in giving an interview, do let us know, so that we are aware and informed on what information is being transmitted to which outlet.

Remember we are in this together, united so please do not compromise the safety of your fellow protestors and comply with our request.


The Emergency Times Team

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Shaza said...

I completely agree with this method and for the need of security. for people protesting in pakistan, plz be very very careful. the lawyers arrested in lahore yesterday are being shifted from jail to jail so that their families cant find them. now they're being tried in the anti-terrorism courts. even after using contacts to find more information, the police are not cooperating as they are inder the strictest ordres from ISI and army not to disclose anything. they are being treated as war prisoners. we are now living in the true law of the jungle. may Allah have mercy on us and give us the strength to deal with this crisis.