Wednesday, November 7, 2007

And yet more student protests..

The passion and zeal thats newly stormed it's way into the hearts and minds of our youth is spreading like wildfire..

Hamdard University Protests in Islamabad

Recent reports have been confirmed that this afternoon a gathering outside Hamdard university comprising of students, lawyers and journalists managed to stage a vociferous protest within the premises of the nearby district court. Decrying the martial law and shouting slogans for Musharrafs immediate resignation they rallied together for a considerable period until the police showed up. Thereafter they resisted police baton charging succesfully and managed to retain their stronghold of the district court and remained there effectively making their point. They dispersed before any more serious action could be taken but some lawyers are reported to have been arrested form the premises. The account is quite extraordinary and suggests the very real phenomena of civil society coming together across all classes and walks of life under one common umbrella. We are heartened and inspired to say the least.

We stand behind you all. As always in complete unity.

Quaid-e-Azam University protests

Yesterday the students of Quaid-e-Azam University in tandem with faculty mainly from the natural sciences department staged a protest in thier campus roughly 400 people stron. Intelligence agency officials were reported to have been present aswell.

Today a similar protest was staged in a larger number and another successful rally was staged with morales running high. After the protest was officially over the police once again showed up but thankfully no untoward incidences occurred.

All in all the past two days have shown strong promise and high spirits with the youth and civilian forces finally stirring. We must all rise to the occassion. And rise we shall. There is no stopping the heights to which a students mind can soar. There is no stopping the barriers which a student body can break. And the students of Pakistan are proving this with their thoughts words and actions.

We are all with you. As one.

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